At Capital Clinic Riga we have set up a consulting room, equipped with up-to-date equipment, where clients in comfortable and pleasant environment will receive foot care by professional podologists.


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We offer:

  • Foot care specialist advice
  • Medicated foot care
  • Fungal infection diagnostics (microscopic examination and identification of fungal infections - inoculation)
  • Fungal infection laser treatment Read more>>
  • Ingrown nail correction
  • Nail correction using brace technology (Podofix, CombiPed, GoldSpange)
  • Wart treatment
  • Toenail correction and modelling using medicated gel
  • Footwear disinfection 
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) to treat corns, warts etc. skin formations Read more>>


Brace technology toenail correction

We offer orthonyxia method - brace technology toenail correction - known in the world, but seldom used in Latvia.


An up-to date, innovative and painless procedure, suitable for all groups of patients, it helps to solve quite common toenail growth and health problems.

With the help of brace technology it is possible to correct ingrown and deformed toenails, improperly growing or twisted toenails that cause pain and discomfort, thus achieving good therapeutic and cosmetic results. Intended both for unilateral and bilateral nail correction.

This method is a good alternative of surgical treatment. It is fast, effective, painless and without surgery.

Brace technology systems supports deformed toenail proper regrowth in a natural, gentle way; besides immediate alleviation of pain; it stimulates proper growth of a nail, thus ensure lasting result.

The braces are individuallyadjusted to each client, depending on the nail form and the problem. The time necessary for applying and adjusting depends on the nail problem. In fact, the person does not feel the applied brace. It imposes no restrictions for daily activities, doing sports or being in water.


  • Good feet and toenail care is necessary for everyone who cares for feet health, but it is essential for patients at increased risk group. This group includes patients with circulatory and sensory disorders, musculoskeletal abnormalities and/or chronic diseases, congenital or acquired central or peripheral genesis polyneuropathy (i.e., diabetes, multiple sclerosis, consequences of brain volume changes, traumatic paresis, toxic polyneuropathy, polyarthritis, connective tissue diseases etc.) or specific infection risks, as well as elderly people, who very often have foot deformity, circulatory disorders and face difficulties to carry out toenail and foot self-care. Particularly significant group of patients, who need the help of a podologist, are patients with diabetes.

With healthy and good-looking feet we feel much better, more confident and thus happier both in relations and professional life. (Podologist Agnese Arsentjeva)


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