For several branches of medicine – gynaecology, dermatology, podology, otorhinolaryngology we offer simple, but recognized all over the world and frequently used method – cryotherapy


In our clinic we use Danish manufacturer's "Cortex Technology" equipment – universal, multifunctional cryotherapy equipment.
Cryo Pro equipment with special probes allows freezing tissue exactly at the necessary area and depth.

Cryotherapy is worldwide applied and recognized method of treatment that uses low temperature for tissue damage prevention. To freeze tissue N2O nitric oxide is used, lowering temperature to  – 89°.

  • High therapeutic efficiency and treatment safety;
  • Single and repeated treatment possible;
  • Good aesthetic effect (high elasticity, no scars);
  • No undesirable side-effects;
  • Possible to conflate with different forms of treatment, medical therapy, laser therapy and classic surgery.

We offer cryotherapy in dermatology, podology, gynaecology and otorhinolaryngology, to remove different kind of skin formations (warths, papilloma, condyloma), for treatment of inflammations, superficial ulcers, as well as for freezing the tonsils (in case of chronic sore throat, frequent angina).