New opportunity for nail fungal infection treatment


It is a new and very patient-friendly method that allows your Doctor to treat the nail fungal infections quickly and effectively, using ND: YAG laser technology.

In the world laser treatment has been applied for nail fungal diseases treatment for several years. Now also in our clinic it is possible to get rid of nail fungal disease with this technology, using ND: YAG (1064 nm) laser device. Comparing to oral medication laser therapy is not more expensive and it has other positive aspects - it is a very patient-friendly method.

Consultations at Capital Clinic Riga are done by Dermatologists - Venereologists Liga Jacevica, Linda Kapteine, Anda Apine and Ieva Ozola


The laser energy has a deep impact on the pathologically changed nail and surrounding tissue. The laser heat acts on the area of the infection, destructing the pathogens. The treatment consists of three easy steps: firstly the deformed and solidified layer of the nail is removed, then the affected nail is treated with the laser and at the end the nail root is being treated with the laser.

An important advantage of this three step method is that there is no need to take oral medication, that can redundantly strain the body. There is also no need for treating the affected nail area with chemical drugs that is often burdensome and ineffective. The nail fungus treatment with laser is solely based on physical characteristics. Usually relatively short time is just enough to get rid of the nail fungus disease.

Patients undergoing laser therapy are not allowed to use anti-fungal systemic and topical medication for 1 - 2 months before the laser treatment procedure.

When treating the nail with a laser beam (45°C) the tissue temperature increases and the nail fungal cells are killed permanently. This does not damage the surrounding tissue and has no adverse impact on the person's health. The laser technology is effective and can be used for all forms of fungi, with the exception of mold and yeast fungi.

Before the laser treatment is initiated it is important to do the laboratory tests to confirm the fungal infection, as well as its kind to define the number of procedures required. It usually takes four to six treatment times with an interval of one time every two weeks. The laser therapy does not rule out the possibility to combine the treatment methods if necessary later on. The laser therapy is especially recommended in cases if other treatment methods fail. It is used as the first treatment method of choice for children.

Laser therapy is recommended for patients who have:

  • intolerance for anti-fungal medication or allergy to this medication;
  • liver, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases;
  • anti-fungal systemic treatment is impossible due to their interaction with other drugs;

scar tissue changes in the nail are so profound that the drug delivery to fungus affected area is very difficult.

After the laser treatment procedure it is very important to put on a new or disinfected pair of socks and shoes, because otherwise there is a risk of re-infection.

In Capital Clinic Riga Podology Office provides a special shoe disinfection device that reduces 99% bacteria, viruses and fungal spores.