Agnese Arsentjeva

Podologist (feet specialist). Practicing specialist with experience since 2006.

  • The Vice President of the Latvian Podologist Association.
  • Podologist work experience since 2006.
  • In 2009 - opened her private practice in Podology.

Performs medical feet care, toenail correction by wire technology, nail modeling with gel, develops treatment plans for nails affected by onychomycoses and modeling with therapeutic gel.

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Zanna Anurova

Podologist. Practicing specialist work experience since 2008.

  • Graduated from P.Stradiņš Medical College of the University of Latvia, certificate of Podologist.
  • Member of Latvian Podologist Association
  • Regularly takes part in continuing education trainings and seminars on podology

Performs remedial pedicure; foot problem prevention, care, rehabilitation, treatment; wart removal; hyperkeratosis (skin thickening) treatment; ingrown nail treatment; nail correction; treatment of nails with fungal damages; treatment of skin cracking; problematic nail modelling with medical gel.

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Olga Gogajeva

Podologist (feet specialist).

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Elita Daniela

Certified podologist (feet specialist)

Graduated from the academic programme “Podology” of the Department of Medical Technologies, P. Stradiņš Medical College of the University of Latvia.

Communicates in Latvian, Russian and English.

Offers to patients: assessment of problematic and/or damaged foot skin, consultation and care.

The specialist provides foot and nail care – removal of skin induration, treatment of thickened (onychodystrophic) nails, crack treatment in the front parts of the foot and in the heels, treatment of foot skin with hyperhydrosis, ingrown nail correction, orthonixia - correction of ingrown nails with clamp technology, nail prosthetic replacement, treatment of corns, warts, skin and nail fungus, treatment of fungus infected nails with laser. 

Consults patients aged 1 year and above.

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