Tija Vanaga


  • 1991 – Graduated from Medical Academy of Latvia, Medical Doctor's (MD) degree
  • 1993 – Specialization in narcology
  • 2001 – Training in group analytic psychotherapy (Vilnius University)
  • 2002 – Training in psychodynamic psychotherapy (Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU))
  • Since 2008 – Lecturer at RSU, program Nursing, Mental health nurse, course of study "Psychotherapy in psychiatry" and "Narcology and patient care"
  • Since 1998 – Work at medical practice in psychotherapy and narcology

Consults and practices psychotherapy in case of depression, anxiety, dysautonomia, psychosomatic disorders (physical discomfort, including various symptoms without objective findings), burnout syndrome, phobias (obsessive fears), in case of sexual disorders, stranded relations and many other cases, when psycho-emotional support and/or psychotherapeutic treatment are necessary.

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