We encourage women to take care of their health, by offering gynaecologist consulting and manipulations rooms, equipped with the most up-to-date technologies, pleasant environment and respectful atmosphere.



Capital Clinic Riga gynecologists supervise women's health, caring for female genital, reproductive and breast health, as well as carry out prenatal care with great responsibility.


To ensure early diagnosis of gynaecological diseases, preventive gynaecological check-up of a healthy woman should be performed at least once a year.


Gynaecologists offer:

  • regular preventive gynaecological check-ups and consultations
  • diagnostics and treatment of genital inflammatory diseases
  • diagnostics and treatment of genital cancer
  • consultations on family planning and choice of contraceptive
  • diagnostics and treatment of infertility
  • consultations during prenatal care
  • pregnancy maintenance medication, if necessary
  • consultations during postnatal period
  • consultations during pre-, post-menopausal period and in case of pathologic climax (including on necessity of hormone replacement therapy at menopausal period and osteodensitometry diagnostics)
  • laser (Fotona) treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginal slack syndrome
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  • Find out more about medical taping in gynaecology and obstetrics. Read more>>
  • Find out more about USG examinations with up-to-date GE ultrasound device Voluson E8. Read more>>

Gynaecological check-up includes:

  • visual evaluation of external genital organs
  • vaginal examination, combined with ultrasound examinations, where appropriate
  • breast palpation

Additionally available:

  • oncocytological cervix swab test
  • laboratory tests: vaginal swab tests and sexually transmitted diseases diagnostics.

Our gynaecologists are certified gynaecologists-obstetricians and certified ultrasound specialists in gynaecology and obstetrics, regularly improving their knowledge at trainings and seminars, participating at congresses both in Latvia and abroad.

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Capital Clinic Riga offers broad, modern diagnostic techniques, besides general gynaecological check-up and examination, additionally available:

  • pelvic ultrasound
  • colposcopy - cervix and vaginal check-up in enlargement with sampling possibility for further examinations
  • sexually transmissible disease examination
  • fetal ultrasound examination
  • cardiotocography - evaluation of fetal condition and heart rate during pregnancy
  • Doppler fetal examination – fetal dimensional image and superficial tissue real time evaluation – 4D ultrasound

Gynaecologists work in close collaboration with laboratory, as well as with general practitioners, endocrinologists, neurologists, urologists and other specialists.

The symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately:

  • vague lower abdominal pain
  • non-menstrual vaginal bleeding
  • intensified vaginal discharge
  • suspicious breast tissue thickening
  • visible change of the breast or discharge from the nipple.


Attention! We drive your attention to the fact that comprehensive schools no more organize check-ups of young people having reached the age of 15, gynaecological as well; therefore parents should take responsibility of their daughter's educating on sexual and reproductive health issues duly! Adolescents are welcome to apply for a consultation as well!


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