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Capital Clinic Riga

My wife and I traveled from the United States to Latvia to have a thorough medical checkup. We wanted some procedures that are not easy to schedule and are rather expensive in the United States. At Capital Clinic Riga everything we wanted, from ultrasounds, nutritionists and MRIs were just an email away. The English speaking staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. In the U.S., we live in a town with 100,000 people so, it's not exactly a village. Nevertheless, the equipment at the Capital Clinic Riga was more modern than anything to which we would have access without visiting a major metropolitan area. At roughly 10% the price of American services, the difference can easily pay for the trip to Riga. It's not all about money though. The doctors and staff were all professional, kind and seemed to care about our treatment, not just our payment. I can honestly say I have not felt that type of focus from an American doctor for decades. Unfortunately, they seem to be concerned with throughput and generating as much top line revenue as possible. Furthermore, unlike American doctors, the answer to every problem is not simply to prescribe antibiotics to treat the symptoms, unless of course, that is what is absolutely necessary. I wanted a holistic approach to treating my problems so I appreciated an approach that did not necessitate antibiotics. I'm planning to make Capital Clinic Riga a regular part of my health care routine and will be back next year for the same round of exams to see how things may have changed.
Doug Yakima, Washington
Review and opinion about the Veselibas Centrs 4  
I want to thank the whole team of the Veselibas Centrs 4 for the excellent work, professionalism and attention. I been already a few times in Riga at the Veselibas Centrs 4 and I very like how they work and also the high level of service there. A wide range of diagnostic tests and modern equipment, highly qualified doctors, excellent organization of visits of foreign customers (Managers Ljubov Tihomirova and Katrina Kalteniece), free shuttle service from the Riga airport and between clinics with polite drivers - all this attracts me to the Health Center 4. Thanks again to everyone!
Anastasia from Norway
Appreciation for the excellent care  

Labdien, Linda Stale (Medical Tourism Manager), I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent care I received from Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga). Also, thank you for your personal attention and the professionalism that you showed me.

I could not have gone to all the tests that I had done in your clinic without your help. It was good to see a young person take charge and see the job thru from picking me up at my hotel to dropping me off at the airport. A job well done!!The cost of all the tests that I had done during my stay was a real savings. The savings for anyone coming from the Unite States of America is well worth the trip. I will definitely recommend your Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga) to all of our clients.

John Gunars Berzins

Thanks to Dermatovenerologist, preventive medicine specialist   I wish to express my appreciation for the kindness and excellent care that I have received at your clinic, by dr. Jana Janovska. I came in with a problem that I had struggled with for many years allready, and that had allready been attempted to treat by two other doctors, without luck. Dr. Janovska really had the best approach, and has solved it in an exceptional way, with dedicated work and much care. I am extremely grateful for her help, and I will make sure to recommend her as a doctor, and also your amazing clinic, to anyone I come across.

My thanks to diagnostic radiologist Kaspars Stepanovs


Wish to express my sincere thanks to radiologist Kaspars Stepanovs, who diagnosed kidney cancer in initial stage to my husband during ultrasound examination , that was not perceived by another specialist during sonography in another centre shortly before.

Doctor Stepanovs is highly professional, attentive and sincere physician who saved my husband's life.

Thank You, Doctor!

Alla Strucina




My thanks to pediatrician Daira Brenca and nurse Marina Strausa


Wish to express my special thanks to specialist of the clinic pediatrician Daira Brenca and nurse Marina Strausa for the medical appointment on 22.05 for providing professional service, but especially for attitude, understanding, and great diligence while carrying out their work. Daira Brenca works great with children, - my daughter was really very scared, but due to professionalism and empathy, doctor managed to find contact and encourage to positive feelings. First take of blood test for my girl passed easy as well thanks to Marina's professional and special approach towards children.
Regards, Angelica Berga, Head of Personnel Administration, "Swedbank" JSC




Thanks to receptionist of the Clinic and urologist Natalia Bozotova


Many thanks to the receptionist of Capital Clinic Riga, who worked May 27, evening, when I called to apply my child for an appointment with urologist Gilis. Thanks for Your call to dr.  Bozotova (many thanks to doctor for urgent consultation as well!), that resulted in our immediate arrival at the hospital, directly onto the operating table. If not You and dr.  Bozotova I still would have been waiting for an appointment to the urologist somewhere else.

Now my son is dressed in a hospital pyjama, but joyous. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!! Thank you!
Yours faithfully, Inga Mastiņa




My thanks to physiotherapist Uldis Sprogis


I know what back pain is since attending secondary school, and I know as well, it will not disappear without gymnastics. This time I was appointed to the young Uldis Sprogis, and was impressed by his thorough approach to work, knowledge and certainty. This was my first sling therapy and now advice to everyone. It is really very effective, and Uldis Sprogis will not allow to spare oneself. But the result for it will be the better. Thank you! Inguna




Concerning Capital Clinic Riga work


Capital Clinic Riga is notable for really good service, it associates with skilled and encouraging specialists, as it is possible to plan a visit according to visitor's needs. Dealing with professional basketball, this is very important, as I can undergo all necessary examinations at the time convenient to me. The clinic is situated in easily reachable location - not far from Riga centre with a convenient car parking. It should be noted, that the staff of Capital Clinic Riga are very positively minded people who provide really high level service.

VEF Riga player Janis Timma





Concerning Capital Clinic Riga work


Capital Clinic Riga leaves the best impression. It is a new, modern clinic with up-to-date technologies, the place, where all services are provided at highest level. From times I visited this clinic, responsive nurses and overall positive personnel had stuck in my mind. Recommend to visit this institution, because it breaks stereotypes of medical sites as places with old, long, dreary corridors. This place differs, because everything has been arranged at a very high level, making clinic to be a pleasant place.

VEF Riga player Arturs Berzins




Concerning consultations and health checks, preparing for marathon


Health checks in Capital Clinic Riga acknowledged that I am in good physical shape and can prepare for "My first marathon", however during workout pain on the outside of the right knee appeared, that intensified greatly right in the knee after workout, especially when climbing upstairs. In order to determine the reasons, I went to Capital Clinic Riga to physiotherapist Uldis Sprogis, who straight away draw attention to possible "runners knee" and advised to take a magnetic resonance.

ITB syndrome was certified, in brief it means, that the iliotibial band, the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin, is tight and inflammation has occurred. As it turns out, this is one of the most common overuse injuries among runners, thus I can recommend to everyone building up for Lattelecom Riga Marathon, - solely increase your running distances little by little, warm up carefully and even more important - to cool down, and to stretch, stretch and stretch once more. If you run about 5 - 6 km a day, no way start running 15 km immediately; increase your kilometres gradually and slowly and do stretch and then everything will be fine!
My next plans? Now I have acquainted with aids like foam roller and found out what taping means. On Sundays, during collective workout, I will check the progress of the rest "My first marathon" participants and along with my lawyer's practice could also start consulting on ITB syndrome, how to preclude it and how to fight if it befalls!

Ivo Klotins, lawyer


Concerning Capital Clinic Riga work


Good afternoon! We traveled to Riga to Clinic Veselibas Centrs 4, 21 of may 2015...Noel had an appointment to Neurologist in Capital Clinic Riga.First of all we have to mentioned Jaroslava Barodina...Wonderful person.She did her job very well everything was well organize a first class job. She was on time to pick up us from hotel to bring us to the Capital clinic Riga- Duntes street ,and than brought us to dentist to VC4 Krisjana Barona 117. Any problems we had - Jaroslava sorted them out right away. She organized ultrasound as well for me after i saw neurologist and went and waited while i was in clinic. Again she did a great job, Thank you. The clinics were very clean and up to date with there equipment and the Organization was very good from the time we entered the clinic with friendly staff. Doctors were very professional and with quite good English so no problem with communication. We would like to thank all the staff at the clinic for there help.
Selga and Noel, Ireland




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