Liene Dauberga

Certified physiotherapist

  • Graduated Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) in 2013 and obtained the speciality of a physiotherapist and a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy

Work experience:

  • 2015 to 2019, Riga Health Centre - physiotherapist,
  • 2013 to 2015, Social Integration State Agency (SISA) - physiotherapist.

Additional information on the achieved certificates:

  • 2014. - Fitness for babies. Physical and mental development of children. Daily activities during the first three years of life
  • 2015. - Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS) assessment of motor development in 1-18-month-old infants
  • 2016. – Facilitation techniques for the stimulation of motor development in children up to 1 year of age
  • 2017. – sling therapy Redcord “Neurac 1
  • 2018.- Physical activities in pregnant women and during postnatal period
  • 2019. – ISST international Schroth 3dimensional Scoliosis therapy
  • 2019.– Early detection of functional disorders for the prevention or mitigation of potential disability in newborns and children diagnosed with functional limitations with high risk of disability

Provides physiotherapist’s consultations, performs functional evaluation, develops rehabilitation plan or conducts therapeutic exercise sessions, provides therapeutic massage services, development of joint movements.

Conducts movement therapy in infants in accordance with Bobath method, consults on handling, as well as applies Schroth therapy method for the treatment of scoliosis.

Particularly specialises in the facilitation of infant motor development in accordance with Bobath method and assessment of infant motor development in accordance with Alberta Infant Motor Scale. Work experience in the treatment of back pain and headaches, as well as patient care during pregnancy and during postnatal period.


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