Darja Nesterovicha

Technical orthopedist

Consults adults and children starting three years of age.

  • 2013 – Graduated from Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU)
  • Mastered upper extremity neurological disorders courses in Latvia and Germany
  • Regularly improves knowledge at seminars and courses in Latvia and abroad
  • Member of Prosthetic, orthotic and technical orthopedic association
  • Work experience: 2012. Univerzitetni rehabilitacijski inštitut Republike Slovenije - Soča, Ļjubljana (Slovenia), 2013. – 2014. "UniHaus" Ltd, – technical orthopedist, since 2015 – Health Centre 4

At Capital Clinic Riga carries out remote biomechanical running analysis.

At Health Centre 4 performs orthopedic examination and assessment with the help of dynamic podometry. Offers over the counter and custom-fitted foot orthoses and their making to correct foot deformation and to relieve pressure zone; posture and gait analysis, consults on technical aids and their necessity.


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