Capital Clinic Riga Ophthalmologists provides consultations, examinations, diagnostics, conservative treatment and refraction correction. They perform an in-depth investigation and conservative treatment of glaucoma patients, diagnostics of eye complications related to diabetes as well as diagnostics and treatment of retinal diseases.


The first visit to the Ophthalmologist

49 EUR

Everybody, starting from infancy, should get regular eye examinations. Preventive eye examinations for children are recommended at the age between 13 – 24 months, then at the age between 3 – 4 years and before attending the school – at the age between 6 – 7 years or any other time, if recommended by the eye doctor. Adults should get their eyes examined once a year after the age of 40 or any other time, if recommended by the eye doctor. Ophthalmologist should be visited whenever having some complaints about the vision or eye health – if the vision has worsened or blurred, if distortion of lines or image is observed, eyes are inflamed, foreign bogy gets in the eye and other similar cases.


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The ophthalmology office in Capital Clinic Riga is equipped with full range state of the art up to date technologies for accurate evaluation of eye health and vision diagnostics and, therefore, providing the most effective treatment possible:


Autorefractor Keratometer

Autorefractor keratometer is the first device used by the eye doctor to examine your eyes when visiting a modern eye doctor’s office. It automatically detects the optical power of the eye, corneal curvature and its regularity. It helps to determine the strength of the lens needed to correct the optical aberrations or the optical errors of the eye. It also helps to assess the general condition of the outer parts of the eye. If necessary it also provides the necessary information for prescription of the lenses.


Subjective Refraction Determination