Medical Consultations and Treatment



Internist and General Practitioner


Scheduled and acute appointments. Consultations before the immunization. General health examination "Check-up" programs - complex, in-depth health prevention programs, adapted to patient's age, gender and lifestyle conditions, as well as various types of disease risks. Home visits.



Consultations, diagnostics and treatment in general Cardiology (heart problems, high blood pressure, heart failure) and arythmology (heart rhythm disorders). Functional diagnostic tests - ECG and cardiac stress test analysis.


Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT)  

Consultations, diagnostics, treatment and medical procedures for ear, nose and throat disease treatment. The most common reasons for visiting a ENT doctor are acute or chronic ear, throat and paranasal sinus pain, ENT organ inflammation in cases of common cold and tonsillitis and hearing disorders.


Dermatologist  Venerologist  

Consultations, diagnostics, examinations, manipulations, laser therapy (removal of unwanted skin malformations and superficial vascular malformation, skin rejuvenation procedures, etc.) of various skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. Express microscopic examination of skin, nail and hair fungal diseases. Skin biopsy - an invasive method that allows your doctor to precisely diagnose your dermatological disease. Optical and digital dermoscopy for determining the nature of moles and other pigmented malformations (benign or malignant) and for choosing the most appropriate method for treating skin problems or any sexually transmitted disease.



Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of various digestive organ (esophagus, stomach, intestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, pancreas) problems and diseases.



Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of internal secretion gland problems and diseases - type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems, calcium metabolism disorders, polycystic ovaries, osteoporosis, obesity and other endocrine problems. Consultations for women during and after pregnancy period.


Functional Medicine Doctor/ Sports Doctor  

Functional diagnostics and consultations. 12 lead ECG, Holter monitoring, stress tests, blood pressure monitoring, non-invasive cardiac system examination.



Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of renal and urinary system organs (kidneys, urinary bladder, urethra) and male genital problems and diseases.



Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of various pulmonary and allergic diseases - pneumonia, asthma, sarcoidosis, etc. Functional respiratory tests - spirometry. Consultations on quitting smoking and smoker's health examinations.



Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of diseases associated with immune system - different types of allergies, oncological diseases, chronic inflammatory processes, systemic diseases, rheumatological diseases, arthritis, viral diseases (herpes virus treatment), lyme - borreliosis disease, different types of autoimmune disorders where body's modified immune system turns against itself, causing the diseases and other disorders related to dysfunction of the immune system. Immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy.





Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system diseases. Most commonly Neurologist's help is needed in cases of long-term and severe headaches, back pain, dizziness and balance disorders, in cases of seizures, unconsciousness with or without seizures, sensory disorders, tingling sensation, movement disorders, uncontrollable movements, speech and memory problems, sleep disorders and muscle weakness.




Examinations, consultations, diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases. Laser treatment of various gynecological disorders, including urinary incontinence, vaginal canal toning procedure and improving of sexual life quality. Pregnancy care and monitoring. Consultations about contraception methods at any age. Menopause and infertility problems. Consultations after pregnancy and child-birth.


Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor)  

Consultations, vision examinations, diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of acute and chronic eye diseases and vision problems, measurement and control of the intra-ocular pressure. The Ophthalmology department is equipped with the latest and modern medical technologies. The first consultation includes examination with autorefractor keratometer, tonometry and pachymetry, subjective refraction for the best corrected visual acuity determination, biomicroscopy, color vision assessment and gonioscopy when necessary for both eyes.




Consultations, physical and functional ability assessment and analysis, physical health prevention plans, gymnastics, sling therapy, massages in case of diseases, injuries, trauma or muscle and joint disfunction. Physiotherapy is mostly needed in cases of back and joint pain, posture and gait disturbances. It is a great treatment method for nervous system diseases, movement restoration and a great way for avoiding daily physical inactivity, movement homogeneity and stress caused physical disturbances.




Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of hand and leg artery and vein diseases. Most commonly Phlebologist's help is needed in cases of deep or superficial vein diseases - thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis. The most common complaints are discomfort and heaviness in the legs, pain, swelling, burning sensation in the lower parts of the legs and night cramps in leg muscles.

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Consultations, diagnostics, treatment and manipulations in case of various colorectal diseases. Most commonly - hemorrhoids, polyps, anal fissures or tears. The most common patient complaints are prolonged abdominal pain, abnormal stool, constipation or diarrhea for no reason, bloody or mucoid discharge from the anus and pain in the anal region.


Diagnostic Radiologist  

Ultrasound (USG) examinations are an integral part of the modern medicine. They are extremely necessary for accurate diagnosis of many diseases - in almost all organ systems and all individual organs. Ultrasound examinations most frequently are performed for abdominal organs - liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and urinary tract; thyroid gland, lymph nodes, breasts, prostate, joints, connective tissues and muscles. Also, ultrasound examinations are essential for the diagnosis of gynecological diseases and key element for pregnancy monitoring. Also, ultrasound examinations are essential for accurate diagnosis of vascular - arterial and venous diseases.

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Hepatologist  Infectologist  

Consultations, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic infections and liver diseases, most commonly - all types of viral hepatitis, liver steatosis, etc.



Hair loss, Hair Thinning, Baldness either generally or in patches, Scalp Conditions, Scaling Scalp, Psoriasis, Itching Scalp and excessive Oiliness are common problems many people suffer and can get professional advice and treatment from a Trichologist.




Consults on dietology, monitors metabolism, calorimetry, creates a customized diet plan.

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Diagnostics and treatment of psychical disorders, diagnostics and treatment of enigmatic body pain, medical treatment of burnout syndrome (state of physical and mental exhaustion), treatment of psychical problems, caused by lifetime crisis (including menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), state after severe somatic illness), diagnostics and treatment of masked (hidden) depression – especially for men (involving nervousness, irritability, aggression, reduced libido and alcoholism)


Sleep specialist   Treatment of sleep disorders