Recognizing the limited time a busy and responsible person has, CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA offers standard check-up programs that examine the most important body organ systems in a short period of time without staying at the hospital. Insofar as every person is unique and often requires an individualized program, we supplement our standard check-up with specific targeted examinations and consultations. We individualize our programs depending upon age, state of health and a client's wishes.


We offer five level programs  - Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, including a variety of examinations and consultations to evaluate person's health status depending on the age, gender, lifestyle and other factors.


For Women      
For Men

The program is implemented according to a specially developed health check protocol.

The Client has to countersign the following:

I. I am informed that the main goals for the preventive health examination program are:

  • an opportunity of regular health status and body system function assessment and early detection of health disorders;
  • an opportunity to diagnose chronic diseases early;
  • an opportunity of chronic disease surveillance and dynamic control.

II. Participation in the preventive health check program does not protect me from a disease, but enables an early disease detection, examination and treatment possibilities, rehabilitation initiation and future preventive measures.

III. I am aware that I am responsible for following and execution of the Doctor's instructions and recommendations given, as well as I understand that a failure to comply with the given instructions or partial execution of the recommendations can cause damage to my health and influence the development of a disease.

IV. Preventive Health Check program's conclusion contains information about my health status at the time of the preventive program period.

V. I have been informed that after the first visit to the General Practitioner and after all additional examinations, consultations and analysis have been completed, I have to arrive to the final visit of the program.

VI. I confirm it with my signature that all information provided about my health is true.


More and more people understand the importance of preventative healthcare as it relates to the quality of life. However statistics show that there is no such thing as an absolutely healthy person, or at least their numbers are miniscule. Almost everyone in their lifetime succumbs to illness and seeks a physician’s help. It is a great feeling when, after recuperation, a person can return to a normal and full life. It is unpleasant when an illness becomes chronic or untreatable. And in today’s quick moving world illnesses tend to appear unexpectedly and are fast moving.

Check-up program is also like a very important component of perception of life or philosophy of life for responsible people. People responsible for both - their own life and health and the life and health of their family and loved ones. Such responsible people should always be healthy and cannot afford to lose the quality of their life. And health is most certainly one of the most important components of the quality of life

In order to prevent unpleasant surprises and to avoid the consequences of an irreversible illness, it is recommended that everyone, especially those over the age of 40, should have preventative healthcare medical examinations or check-ups (this concept is well known in developed countries – regular medical examinations are one of the main reasons why the life expectancy of inhabitants of developed countries exceeds that of Latvia’s inhabitants by 10-20 years).


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  • Individualized check-up programs allow evaluation of each client’s state of health and, when needed, to begin treatment. It is best to uncover diseases, changes in health, deviations from the norm, risk factors, and to avert them as effectively as possible.

  • A check-up supervisor monitors a client’s examination process, following a specially prepared program, and when required, involves specialists and determination regarding the inclusion of exams not in the check-up. The whole check-up program is aimed at identifying possible health risks as early as possible. Illness indicators uncovered in a timely fashion helps assure that the sickness does not spread and can be treated as soon as possible.

Physicians recognize that people do not seek medical help immediately when symptoms first appear, waiting until there is pain, discomfort, serious complaints. People forget that most serious illnesses begin without pain or other symptoms. We often hear, “They discovered cancer, but he was always the picture of health, no complaints, and the examinations were clean.” Unfortunately even a preventative physical examination cannot guarantee that after a month a person does not become ill. But regular medical exams afford a physician to observe a client’s health and evaluate if since the last exam there have been any negative changes in indicators, decline in health, etc. A check-up program assures that there is the opportunity to catch relevant changes to a person’s state of health.

  • The check-up program is perfect for the modern, health conscious person who has a busy work schedule and who values his time, because all health examinations can be done in a short time without having to stay overnight.

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA has unique technological and diagnostic methods that combined with the professionalism and competence of the best physicians ensures the ideal opportunity to evaluate a client’s state of health.

Research and surveys have shown that many people view their life style and state of health as being better than they actually are. That means that a large segment of our society, especially men, are under the illusion that they are healthy and all is well. Unfortunately medical specialists know that often, especially around the age of 50, many experience unpleasant surprises, sudden serious illnesses, frequently together with a decline in quality of life. These are often brought upon by work related stress, psychological stress, a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of rest and relaxation, excessive alcohol usage, smoking, an unhealthy diet, etc.

What should everyone know about his health?

It is important to objectively evaluate how one’s life style, dependencies, stress, workload and other factors can affect one’s health. One needs to recognize that undiagnosed health issues and untreated ailments can result in unwanted consequences. Do you know the answers to the following questions? Have you given them much thought?

  • Are my cholesterol and blood sugar levels within normal ranges?
  • How is my blood pressure?
  • Am I overweight?
  • What is the condition of my heart?
  • Is there sufficient oxygen flow to the brain?
  • How is my digestive system? Is everything in order with my stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder?
  • Are my kidneys and urine tract system functioning properly? Are they threatened by cysts or kidney stones?
  • How is my metabolism? Is the thyroid functioning properly?
  • Have my skin, birth marks and any skin formations been examined?
  • Have I had a breast exam, a sonogram (for women)?
  • Have I had a prostate exam and a PSA analysis (for men)?
  • Am I aware that an infectious disease, such as hepatitis, if left untreated, can seriously affect my health?

Please be informed! Health insurance companies do not pay health check-ups.