NEW! Phototherapy for treatment of dry eye syndrome


The range of technologies of the Ophthalmology Office of Capital Clinic Riga has been supplemented by a new IPL LacryStim device for treatment of dry eye syndrome. The clinic now offers both high-quality diagnosis and extended treatment options of dry eye.

Dry eye syndrome is a very common eye disease affecting people of different ages, with significant effects on both vision and quality of life in general.

The main cause of dry eye syndrome is dysfunction of the meibomean glands of the eyelid mucosa. It causes increased tear evaporation. The function of the meibomean glands is to produce the outer lipid layer of the tear film, and to protect the eyes from tear evaporation.

IPL LacryStim is innovative, intensive pulsing light therapy or phototherapy that can be used for successful and safe long-term treatment of the dry eye syndrome.

Effect of IPL Lacrystim

  • Stimulation of meibomean (lipid) glands and tear glands by heating them.
  • Neurostimulation of parasympathetic innervation.
  • Improved quality of tear film.
  • Protects from tear evaporation.
  • Reduces inflammation of the skin (rosacea) and inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis).
  • Eliminates Demodex eyelash mites.


What can IPL LacryStim phototherapy help?

  • In patients with dry eye syndrome, especially computer users.
  • In patients with acne rosacea.
  • In case of blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids).
  • In case of Demodex eyelash mite blepharitis.
  • Optimal outcome of surgery in patients with dry eye syndrome who are planning to undergo refractive laser therapy or cataract surgery.
  • For contact lens users who often have eye discomfort.
  • Patients who need to use eye drops on a regular basis due to chronic eye diseases that may cause dry eye (e.g., glaucoma).


What results and benefits can be expected after IPL LacryStim phototherapy?

  • Improved quality of tear film.
  • Relief of dry eye symptoms: gnawing, foreign body sensation, itching, burning, discomfort, increased photosensitivity, blurring, eye fatigue.


How is IPL LacryStim light therapy is performed?

  • Four laser impulses on the skin under the lower eyelid and in the area of the temples (
  • Three sessions with two-week interval.


How to prepare for IPL LacryStim light therapy?

  • Avoid using self-tanning creams, sunbathing (including in a tanning salon) for two weeks before the scheduled procedure.
  • It is recommended to clean make-up from the face, but we can also do it in the office before the procedure.
  • Men should have their hair shaved under the eyes before the procedure.
  • Gel is applied to the skin under the eye.
  • Pieces of cotton wool are placed on birthmarks or pronounced pigment spots.
  • The patient wears dark goggles; eyes should be closed during the procedure.
  • No eye drops are used before the procedure, which could cause temporary blurred vision (the pupils are not dilated), so you will be able drive your car safely after the procedure.


IPL LacyStim light therapy cannot be performed in the following cases:

  • tanning in a tanning salon for the last two weeks,
  • use of self-tanning facial creams for  the last two weeks,
  • facial skin burn, infections, injury (abrasions),
  • epilepsy,
  • herpes infection or previous herpes infection,
  • untreated and unmanaged hormonal disorders,
  • increased sensitivity to sunlight.
  • You should consult a dermatologist before LacrStim laser therapy in the following cases: cancer, vitiligo, lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, and other facial skin diseases.
  • If you are undergoing photosensitising laser therapy for other reasons.


Who indicates and performs LacryStim light therapy?

  • LacryStim procedure can be performed if your ophthalmologist has already diagnosed dry eye syndrome and referred you for treatment.
  • If you have symptoms typical for dry eye syndrome, but you have not been examined by an ophthalmologist and diagnosed with dry eye, LacryDiag tear film diagnosis should be performed before the LacryStim procedure.
  • The findings of LacryDiag test are assessed by an ophthalmologist who issues an opinion whether treatment with LacryStim light laser therapy is suitable for you.

Equipment of IPL Lacrystim Manufacturer Quantel Medical, France

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