Rehabilitation Unit



Through extending our range of services and equipping new premises, Capital Clinic Riga has established up-to-date Rehabilitation Unit where clients can access vast range of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and fitness services.

The new unit holds the following facilities:

  • Open-type physiotherapy hall with spacious zone for different classes. Here you will find three separate RedCord sling therapy equipment, workout stand, and physical therapy equipment.
  • Physiotherapy room for smaller classes (up to 6 persons).
  • Physiotherapy office.
  • Osteopathic specialist’s office.
  • Massage room.
  • Fitness area.

Rehabilitation Unit offers:

Individual offers:

  • Consultations by a physiotherapist.
  • Development of a rehabilitation plan.
  • Sling therapy with RedCord system.
  • Therapeutic massage.
  • Osteopathy.
  • Medical taping.
  • Physical therapy etc.

Group classes:

  • Therapeutic exercises classes “Healthy Back”. Medium-intensity exercises complex, mainly including exercises for strengthening back (torso posture) in order to ease back pain or improve stability of your back and thus reducing the risk of back pain in future. Our classes are open to clients with existing back pain and those who wish to improve their physical condition. Equipment is used during the exercises (e.g. balls, dumbbells).
  • Pilates. Specially-designed program, safe and gentle to spine and joints. German-born Greek scientist J H Pilates initially designed this program as a rehabilitation complex for professional dancers. The methodology here incorporates unique yoga, stretching and strength exercises, helping you to get and strengthen a perfect body faster than any other fitness classes.
  • Functional training. Variable-intensity dynamic training, improving your strength, balance, endurance, deep muscles, agility as well as cardiovascular system. These classes are also available as a circuit training where you have to spend certain amount of time on each exercises section. Throughout the training you will use both equipment and your own body weight.
  • Martial arts aerobics. High-intensity training with the main purpose of improving and strengthening the functional condition of cardiovascular system as well as muscle strength. The first portion of the aerobics classes includes exercises with martial arts techniques (standing, without jumping). The second portion includes exercises laying on the floor or on all fours. The third portion includes stretching exercises and cooldown. All exercises are symmetrical in order to develop and strengthen good posture. Martial arts techniques during aerobics classes allow you to get rid of the stress accumulated throughout the day. Many exercises are aimed to improve your body’s active stability as well as strength in core muscles (increasingly popular nowadays). 
  • Strong Core. The classes focus on strengthening your torso by developing abdominal, back, lateral and deep muscles. During the classes clients are engaged in strength and endurance exercises by using their own body weight or equipment. It is crucial to do the exercises properly.
  • Therapeutic exercises for pregnant women. Specific training classes for women during pregnancy (starting with 12th week of pregnancy). The clients are engaged in low-intensity relaxing classes preparing them for childbirth through working on strengthening muscles involved in labor (thus helping to reduce back pain, formation of varicose veins, unpleasant sensations in pelvis) as well as breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, childbirth positions and self-massage.

The Rehabilitation Unit of Capital Clinic Riga has the following team of professional specialists:

  • Physiotherapist Kristīne Briede – specialized in gynecology, sport rehabilitation, pediatrics and neurology.
  • Physiotherapist Elza Gūtmane – specialized in traumatology, orthopedics and sport physiotherapy.
  • Physiotherapist Kristaps Rakštelis – specialized in rehabilitation of athletic traumas, sport physiotherapy.
  • Physiotherapist Agris Liepa – specialized in back and head pain rehabilitation and senior rehabilitation.
  • Physiotherapist Liene Dauberga – specialized in pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology and traumatology.
  • Ilona Dorofejeva – physiotherapist, osteopathic specialist, specialist of applied kinesiology and cryosacral therapy.

All physiotherapists give consultations, develop rehabilitation plans, engage in therapeutic exercises and functional training classes, use sling therapy with red cord system, give therapeutic massages, perform medical taping, improve joint movements for the purposes of treatment, prophylaxis and improvement of physical condition.

An osteopathic specialist not only gives consultations, diagnoses and treats various back and head pain-related disorders but also helps solving various disorders caused by allergies, urinary incontinence, infertility, as well as treats gastrointestinal and other disorders. The diseases are diagnosed in osteopathy based on patient examination via static and dynamic (movement) approaches, palpation (nuanced diagnostics of sensations caused by hand touches), determination of changes in body elasticity and biomechanical connections.

During the therapy vast range of manual (hand) techniques are used. The selection of techniques is based on individual factors, depending on the patient’s age, physical and psycho-emotional condition. An osteopathic specialist collaborates with specialists from other fields and, where necessary, refers the patient to see an appropriate specialist.



Capital Clinic Riga, first in the Baltic States, offers its clients one of the latest accomplishment in the high-end medical technologies – therapeutic table Manuthera® 242.

  • Thanks to the revolutionary operational concept, Manuthera® 242 opens completely new doors to physiotherapists and osteopaths, raising the field of medicine to a new level. The device has two synchronized engines with HighTech structure allowing to perform unique therapeutic manipulations.
  • The device guarantees the best anatomical and therapeutic position for the patient allowing for three-dimensional mobilization with traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation with the help of gravity.
  • The form of the table allows the therapist to work in more ergonomic conditions, but the patient thus can reach the best therapeutic results.

Osteopathic specialist Ilona Dorofejeva is the first specialist in the Baltic States trained to use this table.

  • Manuthera® 242 – the most multi-purposeful therapy table in world! Based on unique, patented technologies developed by Finnish experts.
  • Manuthera® 242 can be used for manipulations and therapy as well as patient mobilization. It allows specialists to have the most ideal conditions for working with their clients, but the patients thus can enjoy the best diagnostic and therapeutic results.
  • One can say that Manuthera® 242 has it all – a table for the most complex examinations, manipulations and therapy, suitable for various specialists – physiotherapists, osteopathic specialists, orthopedists, manual therapists, sports massage specialists, masseurs etc.


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