NEW IN LATVIA! Stem cell therapy using stem cells from a patients own adipose tissue


Mesenchymal stem cell (obtained from patient's own adipose tissue) therapy has been successfully used in the world for a long time now.

Having mastered the new method abroad, Inga Zemīte, trichologist (hair health specialist) of VC4 Group enterprise Capital Clinic Riga, has started to practice it in Latvia.  

Stem cell therapy for hair reproduction – now

in Latvia as well


Mesenchymal stem cell (obtained from patient's own adipose tissue) therapy has been successfully used in the world for a long time now. Having mastered the new method abroad, Inga Zemīte, trichologist (hair health specialist) of VC4 Group enterprise Capital Clinic Riga, has started to practice it in Latvia.


Adipose tissue stem cells – great potential

It is known, that adipose tissue is an important body's vital cell storage, among them stem and so called progenitor cells, therefore physicians all over the world are trying to find ways how people themselves can benefit from it. The use of cell stem in therapy as regenerating and rejuvenating agent is nothing new: studies and findings in veterinary medicine shows how powerful stem cell therapy can be – it has been used in treating thousands of animals, for example, treating dogs and horses – to rejuvenate damaged joints, cartilage and bones, as well as for general recovery and to enhance stamina.

Having evaluated the efficacy of the method, many medical centers in the world apply this therapy to humans, using stem cells of patient's own adipose tissue, containing a great number of 'snoozing' stem cells (it has been found out that particularly great number of such cells – pericytes – are located in adipose tissue, near vessel walls). They activate when particularly required, for example, when the tissue is damaged. Upon cell activation, regeneration and healing process up to recovery of tissue functional activity takes place. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy exploits the ability of cells to restore tissue with degenerative and atrophic disorders when, for instance, body grows old. That means, with the help of a special procedure these cells are obtained, activated and then infused into tissue where rejuvenation is required.

Stem cell therapy in the world is used not only to prevent hair loss (alopecia) but in treatment of many severe diseases – diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, systemic sclerosis (scleroderma), arthrosis, in treatment of joint problems and sports injuries, erectile dysfunction and non-healing wounds, and many other.


How are necessary stem cells obtained?

Mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from a patient's own adipose tissue. The necessary amount of adipose tissue is obtained by means of mini-liposuction. For the therapeutic effect, only 80–100 ml of adipose tissue is necessary. Compared to classical liposuction, where even up to two kilograms of adipose tissue are removed, the amount of fat necessary for the procedure is really tiny. Mini-liposuction requires only local anesthesia with tumescent solution, which, besides anesthetic function, ensures the termination of bleeding and adipose tissue splitting function as well. The obtained adipose tissue is separated, washed, split and with the help of specific procedure stem cells released.

Obtained stem cells are activated in patient's PRP (platelet rich plasma – plasma rich in thrombocytes) solution, additionally using special monochromatic light.

After stem cell activation the obtained material, by means of intradermal (under the skin) injection technique, is infused into tissue requiring regeneration activation. Stem cells with the help of released growth factor and cytokines 'send' growth signals, thus stimulating formation of new hair follicles.


Procedure price:

Introductory price – EUR 3500




  • During the whole procedure only autologous stem cells are used – tissue obtained from the patient, therefore there is no risk of infections, immune system rejection or allergy.

  • The procedure is carried out within one day, in a clinic and under the supervision of a doctor ('point of care therapy' principle).

  • The aim of the procedure is the rejuvenation of tissue functionality and quality. Usually therapeutic effect will have the results within 1 – 3 months. Of course, like with any method, the stem cell method's effect for individuals may vary, no one can provide 100% warranty to everyone.

  • During therapy preparation stage trichologist consultation is necessary, blood tests, trichogram, potential head skin infection tests should be performed.

  • Repeated visit to trichologist – 3 days after the procedure or without delay in case of complications. Follow-up visit after 3, 6 and 9 months.


Capital Clinic Riga offers PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) method for hair loss treatment; the method is a much easier procedure (material to be injected is obtained from the patient's own blood; with the help of special blood processing, a number of growth factors are extracted from platelet alpha granules, including platelet growth factor, vasculo-endotelial growth factor, transforming growth factor beta, inuline like growth factor and many other), performed once within three months or several times consecutively; upon individual necessity it can be repeated.

It is possible to combine both methods, whereas experience has shown that PRP can activate injected stem cells.

Such a combined therapy provides stronger and thicker hair regrowth.


Stem cell therapy in hair loss treatment: study confirm efficacy

A new USA study suggests that in case of genetically determined hair loss (alopecia) – by far the biggest challenge for hair specialists – stem cell therapy can produce good results, and separate hair transplantation may not be necessary. For 9 out of 10 patients enrolled in the study, the result after stem cell therapy was good: hair thickness for patients increased by 17–29% within half a year.



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