Cardiopulmonary Stress Test


Capital Clinic Riga has created a modern functional diagnostics department fully equipped with the latest and most accurate medical technologies.


In functional diagnostics department we offer to our clients 12 lead electrocardiography (ECG), 18 to 24 hour Holter monitoring (24-hour ECG record), cardiac stress test (with veloergometer or treadmill), bioimpedance measurement (body composition analysis), non-invasive cardiovascular system examination, bronchodilatation test, external respiratory function assessment as well as cardiac stress test with or without lactate determination.

Cardiopulmonary or the complex physical stress test is a non-invasive method that allows to simultaneously assess cell, cardiovascular and respiratory system responses to precisely controlled physical load (metabolic stress). With the help of this method doctors can accurately assess the body's working abilities and the reasons for working ability limitations. This way you can choose a more effective body training program and in practical medicine - more effective treatment and rehabilitation methods.

During the test, it is possible to determine the blood lactate levels in addition for more accurate anaerobic threshold determination.

The test can be performed using a veloergometer (a fixed bike with the maximum permissible patient weight 160 kg, height 120 to 210 cm and physical load range from 6 to 999 W) or a treadmill (the maximum permissible patient weight - 160 kg).

The test is mainly used for:

  • assessing the body's working ability (mostly used in sports medicine, as well as to compile individual training programs);

  • clarifying the cause of uncertain shortness of breath and to assess patient's risk before surgery.

This test is a great helper for accurately diagnosing exercise-limiting factors.


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