NEW! Biomechanical running analysis


Capital Clinic Riga offers a new opportunity – biomechanical running analysis.

Method FOR EVERYONE who goes in for RUNNING.
Either in order to remain oneself in good shape or preparing for people run, marathon or high-level competitions, practicing sports – basketball, football, floorball etc., thus related to running. With the help of biomechanical running analysis we get perfect information about running technique and its' impact on health, any potential trauma risks, thus enabling prevention measures. Specialist – technical orthopaedist Darja Nesterovicha.

Upon completion of running analysis you will receive technical orthopaedist recommendations on how to protect the body against trauma caused by running.

Price for services:

  • Biomechanical running analysis – 30 €
  • Biomechanical running analysis during cardiopulmonary exercise testing – 20 €

Welcome discount by May 15 2016 20 % 

Biomechanical running analysis:

  • Allows to assess running efficiency through all its' phases, based on musculoskeletal system movement pattern video recording analysis.
  • This analysis allows to detect repeated impact force absorption mechanisms, as well as stability of lower extremities, feet in particular.
  • In case of deviation recommendations on improving running technique can be developed with the aim to protect the body against trauma caused by instability of a foot, by means of assistive technologies, involving footwear modification or specific physiotherapy.


Description of the process

  • A 10 minute run over a treadmill (dressed in sports shorts, 5 minute run in foot-wear, 5 minute run barefooted). Two plane video recording is made (from the side and back). This analysis can be combined with exercise testing; in this case running is recorded only at the beginning of testing and in foot-wear only.
  • Video recording is analyzed remotely, by means of specific software.
  • A client receives a report electronically within 3 working days (report content: description of run specificity, abnormalities, and recommendations).

On the one hand, running is the simplest and nowadays common way to keep one fit, on the other hand it is way of movement, involved in many sports. Running techniques are variable, but regardless of the type of run, the consumption of body energy has to be effective, not consuming energy for compensatory mechanisms caused by any functional limitations.


Technical orthopaedist Darja Nesterovicha

Consults adults and children from the age of 3.

  • 2013 – Graduated from Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU)
  • Mastered upper extremity neurological disorders courses in Latvia and Germany
  • Regularly improves knowledge at seminars and courses in Latvia and abroad
  • Member of Prosthetics, orthotics and technical ortopaedics association
  • Work experience: 2012. Univerzitetni rehabilitacijski inštitut Republike Slovenije - Soča, Ļjubljana (Slovenia), 2013. – 2014. technical orthopaedist at "UniHaus" Ltd, since 2015 – Health Centre 4

At Health Centre 4 performs orthopaedic examination and assessment with the help of dynamic podometry. Offers over the counter and custom-fitted foot orthosis and their making to correct foot deformation and to relieve pressure zone; posture and gait analysis, consults on technical aids and their necessity. At Capital Clinic Riga carries out remote biomechanical running analysis.


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