The most requested medical services in Health Center 4

Diagnostics. Medical check-up programs

Foreign patients are most often interested in medical check-up programs. For the convenience of patients, specialists of the Capital Clinic Riga have developed such programs separately for both women and men, for different age groups -  up to 40 and after 40, as well as specialized programs „Standard”, „Bronze”, „Silver”, „Gold” and „Platinum”. Each of these programs includes appointments, examinations and analysis performed by recommended doctors. If a patient wishes, it is possible to develop an individualized program. Within 1-2 days time it is possible to receive an assessment of your general health condition and recommendations for necessary treatment. Experienced specialists will advise you on a diet and recommended physical exercises.

Check-up at the Capital Clinic Riga

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Phlebology (vascular surgery)

Venous operations – one of the most popular trends in Latvian medicine. The Baltic Vein Clinic – the leading clinic in Latvia, offers extensive diagnostics and treatment of venous diseases, by using all methods and combinations thereof currently available in the world. Specialists at the clinic perform 1500-1800 operations each year. Patients are offered venous operations by using methods involving laser, radio frequencies, steam impulses, and also innovative vein treatment method using biological glue.

All of the methods mentioned above are health-friendly – only local anaesthesia is necessary when using these methods. By choosing the vein occlusion operation with biological glue it is not necessary to use anaesthesia and wear vein compression socks. After the operation the patient can immediately return home and return to their daily life the next day.

Vascular duplex ultrasonography

BVC leading phlebologist Dr. Ints Ūdris is awarded the „Sapheon” award for having performed 100 operations using BioGlue

 Demonstration venous operation using BioGlue, lead by Dr. Thomas Proebstle (Germany)

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Esthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery

Latvian dermatologists and plastic surgeons offer a wide range of services, starting from procedures for decreasing signs of ageing, diagnostics and treatment of dermatological skin problems, to plastic surgery. We can safely state that Latvian clinics offer European quality services at attractive prices. Up-to-date equipment is available in the clinics. You can choose massages, water procedures, mud, clay and talasso applications from the range of offered services.

The clinics offer ... Beauty clinic „4 Dimensija” offers mesotherapy procedures, plasmolifting, hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin and filler injections. „The Clinic of Dermatology” offers a wide range of diagnostics and treatment methods for skin diseases, a wide offer of epilation methods, cellulitis removal, lympho drainage and decreasing the signs of ageing. Doctors have access to equipment intended for fractionated photothermolysis or radiowave lifting, as well as laser scrubbing procedures.

Plastic surgery clinics offer facial and body plastic surgery, breast enhancement or reduction, shape correction operations, and liposuction.

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