Patient reviews


My wife and I traveled from the United States to Latvia to have a thorough medical checkup. We wanted some procedures that are not easy to schedule and are rather expensive in the United States. At Capital Clinic Riga everything we wanted, from ultrasounds, nutritionists and MRIs were just an email away. The English speaking staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. In the U.S., we live in a town with 100,000 people so, it's not exactly a village. Nevertheless, the equipment at the Capital Clinic Riga was more modern than anything to which we would have access without visiting a major metropolitan area. At roughly 10% the price of American services, the difference can easily pay for the trip to Riga. It's not all about money though. The doctors and staff were all professional, kind and seemed to care about our treatment, not just our payment. I can honestly say I have not felt that type of focus from an American doctor for decades. Unfortunately, they seem to be concerned with throughput and generating as much top line revenue as possible. Furthermore, unlike American doctors, the answer to every problem is not simply to prescribe antibiotics to treat the symptoms, unless of course, that is what is absolutely necessary. I wanted a holistic approach to treating my problems so I appreciated an approach that did not necessitate antibiotics. I'm planning to make Capital Clinic Riga a regular part of my health care routine and will be back next year for the same round of exams to see how things may have changed.
Doug Yakima, Washington

Dear Ljuba, doctors and nurses at Capital Clinic,

Please let me with this email express my sincere thank you for having me in Riga to do treatment. It was my first time in Latvia and you made me feel very welcome and comfortable, and I can't tell enough how professional and serious everybody is. I had the necessary health help and advice at a very high level, and I will definitely consider coming back for the follow up. I highly recommended your Clinic to all my friends here in the UK, and I'm wishing you more happy patients in future.

Can I please also pass my huge thank you to Ljubov for her immense support before and during the travel, my visit would definitely be more stressful without you. Best belated regards to everyone

Mohammed Altwirgai

I have to say your clinic is absolutely Good quality in many ways. The services, the speed, the manner of doctor and nurse and reception are very Nice. I Will do my physical examination in your place Every year. And of course introduce to my friends As well. And of course all the helps from You is excellent! Thank You very much.
Jun from China
I want to thank the whole team of the Veselibas Centrs 4 for the excellent work, professionalism and attention. I been already a few times in Riga at the Veselibas Centrs 4 and I very like how they work and also the high level of service there. A wide range of diagnostic tests and modern equipment, highly qualified doctors, excellent organization of visits of foreign customers (Managers Ljubov Tihomirova and Katrina Kalteniece), shuttle service from the Riga airport and between clinics with polite drivers - all this attracts me to the Health Center 4. Thanks again to everyone!
Anastasia from Norway

I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent care I received from Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga). Also, thank you for your personal attention and the professionalism that you showed me.

I could not have gone to all the tests that I had done in your clinic without your help. It was good to see a young person take charge and see the job thru from picking me up at my hotel to dropping me off at the airport. A job well done!!The cost of all the tests that I had done during my stay was a real savings. The savings for anyone coming from the Unite States of America is well worth the trip. I will definitely recommend your Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga) to all of our clients.

John Gunars Berzins


I had thought about the surgery for a very long time; however, while I was playing basketball on a professional level, I never had a spare time for that. Now when I have more time at my hands, I finally went through with the surgery.
I have had protruding and visible veins since my teen years, and it’s quite possible that I have inherited them from my father. Over the course of the past years, my veins got even bigger and protruded; therefore, a thought of a surgery came to my mind more frequently. Not only I was not satisfied with how my legs looked, but they also often suffered from cramps. As my doctor later revealed, that can be explained by varicose veins.

Basketball player Andris Biedrins


I wish to express my appreciation for the kindness and excellent care that I have received at your clinic, by dr. Jana Janovska. I came in with a problem that I had struggled with for many years allready, and that had allready been attempted to treat by two other doctors, without luck. Dr. Janovska really had the best approach, and has solved it in an exceptional way, with dedicated work and much care. I am extremely grateful for her help, and I will make sure to recommend her as a doctor, and also your amazing clinic, to anyone I come across.

Anonymous client


Dear Linda, I can't thank you enough for the care and attention you gave to me. I couldn't have asked for more enjoyable time than I had at your hospital and staying in Riga. It was great comfort hole way down. Big thanks to hospital staff of being friendly. Big, big thanks to Raimonds and Valdis for great service and laugh. All of you guys doing very high class work.

Olga from Ireland

My husband and I have visited your medical center in summer 2015 and were very pleased with our decision to chose Veselibas Centrs 4 (Capital Clinic Riga) and help of Jaroslava Borodina visiting all the specialists we had to see. Jaroslava is amazing with customer service, super helpful and arranged all the visits for us in accordance with our tight schedules. Visits to certain specialists were a last minute decision, but she still managed to make appointments to the doctors we wanted to see. We have been impressed with her professionalism.

We have been doing a general health check up with various specialists, and all of them: mammalogist, gynecologist, back/spine specialist, and others were very professional and nice. We were able to do necessary MRI and ultra sonograms all in the same day and get the reports and advice from the doctors the same day as well. In the US you have to wait sometimes for almost a month to get an appointment for MRI or ultra sonogram. So, once again, everything was done very professional, fast and super nice! We will definitely visit your clinic again for our regular check ups!

Anastasia, USA


I planned to stay in Riga for only 3 days, so I haven't had much time for treatment at Baltic Vein Clinic. I was encumbered with doubts probably typical for any patient in an unfamiliar country: Will I be able to return home safely? Will I have enough energy to attend business meetings, because I didn't come here for a walk?! So I set myself up for a long procedure and sat in a cosy armchair with a cup of hot coffee waiting for my appointment. Then smiling doctor Peteris Gerke entered the hall in a cracking pace and invited me into the office. I was presented with a diagnosis in a couple of minutes after a Doppler scan. My unhealthy vein holding me from wearing skirts for a decade was superficial. And while the doctor explained the key points of the proposed method, I was still drinking my hot coffee. Doctor Gerke stunned me telling that the surgical procedure will last only half an hour under local anaesthesia and then I will need to find compression stockings and I will be able to join my colleagues.

An hour later I was in the company of my colleagues and in stockings which I now always put on during the flights. To my surprise, as rehabilitation after the small surgery, the doctor has prescribed... no, not the pills, but a long daily walk. That's when my busy schedule of meetings and an evening tour around the Old Town came in handy :)

Natalia Strokovskaya,
Chief Editor of DoctorGeo Magazine,
Kiev, Ukraine


"Good day, everyone. I am 25 years old. I have neurodermatitis since childhood. I tried everything, but both conventional treatment and our (Belarusian) products were of little help. I began searching for treatment abroad and found out about this clinic. Then I decided to take a trip to Latvia for consultation. The doctor has prescribed medications and prescription creams, and I immediately bought them in Riga. And the result exceeded all my expectations. Just after a couple of days of pill taking, I experienced a certain and clear improvement of skin condition. Also, creams recommended by the doctor helped me very well. The doctor also answered all of my questions. I am very pleased and do not regret a bit that I visited this clinic. Thank you!"

Igor, Belarus


"I am 27 years old. I suffer from horrible herpes since childhood. But wherever I went, the doctors said that there is no clinic that treats herpes in our country. When I decided to look at the cost of treatment in Latvia, I was surprised. Everything wasn't as expensive as I expected. So I chose Dermatology Clinic, because it specialises in curing such condition. Words cannot express how I am satisfied with the treatment. They helped me with my problem that tormented me for many years. I am ashamed of my appearance no more. In this clinic, they not just solved my health problem, but also improved my mental condition. I thank you for this!!!"

Vita, Russia


"Good day! I decided to contact Capital Clinic Riga and check my health there. I found all the information on the website and wrote to them, and in just a short time I was contacted by Yaroslava Borodina, Clinic Coordinator. She developed a check-up plan and negotiated it with me. The entire scheduled check-up was performed at the set time and I am grateful to doctors and attentive staff for the professional approach. During the health check, there were no problems with the language, because all the experts spoke Russian. From now on, I will be visiting this clinic if I ever need it again."

Alla Vorobyeva, Russia


"During a surgeon’s consultation in the city out-patient’s department in Yevparotia (Crimea) I was diagnosed with II degree varicose veins which required surgical treatment. 

Our local surgeons apply a prehistoric method with a scalpel which is a painful manipulation requiring long-term rehabilitation. My relatives living in Riga told me about new modern methods of varicose vein treatment in Riga clinic HC4. I read recommendations online and found out about techniques, equipment and personnel of the clinic.
After doctor Ints Ūdris’s consultation, I gave my consent to the surgery which turned out to be painless, without incisions and sutures, in a warm, friendly atmosphere. High professionalism of dr.Ūdris and his assistants minimized the rehabilitation period and allowed me regain capacity to work on the following day!"

Sincerely yours,Yuri Lobanov
Chief Metrologist of Dairy Plant


 "I was pleasantly surprised that modern technology allows to set a diagnosis within a few minutes. From other people I had heard of the complex vein operations and long rehabilitation process, so I was worried that I will not be able to have an active lifestyle and work in the theater at least for half of the year. When I found out about laser technology possibilities in phlebology, again, I was happy surprised and immediately agreed to surgery. As a result, a week after the surgery I could play the show, after two weeks I could restart sport activities, but "the famous socks" I had to wear only seven days. Sincere and responsive staff under the management of dr. Ints Udris has given the process a positive, informative, safe, and last but not least - fun adventurous feeling. Do not be afraid – trust masters and everything will happen!"

Karlis Anitens, UK


Good afternoon. We traveled to Riga to Clinic Veselibas Centrs 4, 21 of may 2015...Noel had an appointment to Neurologist in Capital Clinic Riga.First of all we have to mentioned Jaroslava Barodina...Wonderful person.She did her job very well everything was well organize a first class job. She was on time to pick up us from hotel to bring us to the Capital clinic Riga- Duntes street ,and than brought us to dentist to VC4 Krisjana Barona 117. Any problems we had - Jaroslava sorted them out right away. She organized ultrasound as well for me after i saw neurologist and went and waited while i was in clinic. Again she did a great job, Thank you. The clinics were very clean and up to date with there equipment and the Organization was very good from the time we entered the clinic with friendly staff. Doctors were very professional and with quite good English so no problem with communication. We would like to thank all the staff at the clinic for there help.

Selga and Noel, Ireland



Professionals reviews

"By visiting Baltic Vein Clinic, I learned that it can provide all the modern chronic vein disease treatment methods. This, in turn, allows them to choose the optimum tactics of treatment for each patient. The clinic employs leading experts who know all of the procedures perfectly, and each of the specialists is engaged in a particular area. It was very interesting to see techniques that are not available in Ukraine - steam impulse and biological adhesive methods,"

Rodionov Alexey, vascular surgeon, Kiev


"During my internship at BVC, I became acquainted with all the possible methods for the treatment of varicose vein diseases. Nowhere else in the world have I ever seen such a wide range of techniques and technologies, except for this clinic. In addition, I want to note the hospitality of the staff and doctors who helped me to master these techniques. Also, we were invited to learn and successfully mastered ultrasound diagnostics of the varicose veins diseases and other venous pathologies. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the administration of Veselības centrs 4 for providing me with the opportunity to receive training at BVC,"

Prasol Vitaly, vascular surgeon, Kharkiv, Ukraine


"For 5 days spent at BVC and Dermatology Clinic in Riga, we watched at and studied all the treatment techniques for the varicose vein disease, confirmed the highest level of training and noted the quality of medical care. For patients from Ukraine looking for a foreign clinic to treat the varicose vein disease and choosing Germany or Israel, I can confidently say that by selecting BVC in Latvia they certainly will receive high and competent level of treatment!"

Inna Pulyaeva, vascular surgeon, Kharkiv, Ukraine


"As a country where you can get high-quality treatment, Latvia has obvious benefits for Ukrainian patients: first is the proximity of these countries, and second - the lack of a language barrier and mental similarities, as well as simplified visa regime. During our stay in Riga, we enjoyed everything we saw. Clinics that we visited are equipped with the most advanced technologies, not to mention experienced doctors that quickly found a common language with our Ukrainian specialists. Prices are very affordable and much lower than in the rest of Western Europe countries. So, everything looks very promising!"

Inna Daschenko,
Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Association of Medical Tourism Physicians.


«Health Centre 4» is one of the biggest clients in the Baltic’s that provides a possibility to purchase widest range of ultrasound devices starting from Premium class ultrasound devices with value more than 100 000 LVL up to the most state-of-the-art portable ultrasound devices for special purposes (operating rooms, visiting consultations etc.).
The latest innovative methods for diagnostics are used, including revolutionary General Electric «Vscan Pocket» ultrasound device that is based on the tablet computer which in 2009 Times called as one of the 50 best innovations in the world!”

A. Packēvičs,
Tradintek Ltd. Member of the Board, Representative of GE Healthcare in Latvia

«With true joy and satisfaction I follow the achievements of «Health Centre 4» in the field of visual diagnostics, especially because of the fact that «Health Centre 4» and related companies usually choose exactly magnetic resonance and computer tomography device as our technologies are leading in those fields.
It is an unprecedented case! Baltic Vein Clinic that is a narrowly specialized institution that is employed in diagnosing and treating of vein problems has an integrated new multi-layered highest class computer tomography system and all phlebology examinations are performed with this system. »

Maija Baumane,
Head of the Siemens Visual Diagnostics and Therapy Department


«I represent the «Oliver Medical» it is the official representative in the Baltic countries of the Lumenis - manufacturer of the world’s biggest medical lasers. «Health Centre 4» is our largest client in the Baltic region that purchases the latest Lumenis technologies on regularly basis and uses those technologies in aesthetic medicine, including for the treatment of tiny capillaries, as well as also for the laser and intense pulsed light therapies. Amongst those devices are most innovative and modern laser systems, like UltraPulse fractionated C02 laser, Lumenis IPL Quantum SR, Lumenis IPL Quantum ND:Yag and LightSheer duet laser. Unique lasers, in one copy, only in the «Health Centre 4». Also I would like to point out that specialists of the «Health Centre 4» are well-informed professionals of their field who regularly expand their knowledge under the guidance of international experts of Lumenis. »

Natālija Smirnova,
Representative of Lumenis in Latvia


«I am pleasantly surprised about the high level technological equipment and hygiene standards of the Baltic Vein Clinic of HC4, as in majority of European countries the level is lower. I can say with assurance that it is not only one of the most comfortable but also one of the most contemporary clinics in Europe. Besides it provides a tremendous amount of ultrasound devices and all vein treatment methods that are available in the world, that is an unequivocal attestation of the doctor’s skills and high level of knowledge others can learn from. SVS (Steam Vein Sclerosi) method was up to now applied only in 9 countries of the world, Latvia can frankly be considered as a super power of vein treatment. »

Rudi Devers,
Doctor Expert of the Belgium Company F Care Systems, Vascular Surgeon

„NMS GROUP” has always highly valued the long-standing partner „Health Centre 4” that has always been one step ahead others in the field of medical innovations. Due to the targeted, considered and regular purchase of medical equipment„Health Centre 4” is able to provide patients with broad spectrum of high quality medical examinations and appropriate treatment. „NMS GROUP” evaluates the cooperation partner „Health Centre 4”as one of the leading medical institutions in Latvia and to a great extent mainly due to its high quality and contemporary medical equipment.

Jānis Palkovs,
Chairman of the Board of «NMS Group»


„I am surprised about the broad range of laser equipment in the possession of HC4 (more than 30!). As to the arsenal I can’t think of any analogue as our clinic in Great Britain provides only 6. Certainly the work with many laser devices requires also profound knowledge and skills of the doctors; therefore the exchange of experience with Latvian specialists was invaluable. Also in comparison to the clinics in other countries and including our clinic in Great Britain premises here are significantly bigger, more comfortable and ergonomically arranged, comfortable both for the patients and specialists. Indeed it is so pleasant to be here.” 

Dr. Tapan Patel
Medical Director of Viva Clinic,
One of the leading specialists of aesthetic medicine in Great Britain


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