Medical tourism in Latvia

Medical tourists – these are foreign patients who come to Latvia to receive medical services, have rehabilitation done, receive medical manipulation, operations, or to receive preventative health treatment. The potential of modern medicine, high quality of technical support and the professionalism of doctors in Latvia has earned great recognition. This is also proved by the steady increase in the number of foreign patients in the clinics, medical and rehabilitation centers of our country.

In 2009 Latvia started to attract the attention of patients from other countries. The main reason for this was due to the economic crisis, which also affected the medical sector. Private clinics, in cooperation with state and municipal authorities, came to a common opinion – the stability of the sector could be best ensured by attracting foreign patients. The alliance of Latvian private clinics - ‘’Baltic Care’’, was established, which unified the best specialists in Latvia, and ensured the ability to care for the health of patients in a high quality manner. The Baltic Care Alliance was a good start in attracting international patients, and the experience gained has enabled medical tourism professionals in the leading clinics to continue working successfully with patients from other countries on their own.

In the last few years, branches of ‘’Health Centre 4’’ have implemented: laser enucleation, the use of BioGlue in the treatment of varicose diseases, using digital mammography and tomosynthesis diagnostics in detecting early stage malignant breast cancer, using the latest ultrasonography for examinations, using the latest KT and MRT equipment, and also using laser systems made by the leading manufacturers in the world. It should also be taken into consideration that prices are significantly lower than those in Western Europe and the Scandinavian states.