For patients from abroad


Health center 4 has opened the Foreign Patient Service, whose main objective is to provide support to patients from abroad in planning, organizing and coordinating treatment services.

Our goal – to provide you with flawless, qualified, and fast service at the clinic and ensure that your stay in Riga is pleasant.


Please review the following information with regards to preparing for treatment and the procedure for treatment before arriving in Riga:

  1. Please send us the following information: patient’s name, surname, birth date, basic diagnosis (if available), indicate co-morbidities, available medical documentation (for example, examination results, x-ray pictures etc.). Please send this information to or via the electronic request form provided on this page (see below).
    If you have any further questions about treatment at the Health center 4 please contact us.
  2. On the basis of the information provided by you we will develop a treatment plan which includes: conditions of examinations and treatment, treatment options and duration, approximate expenses.
  3. If you are only interested in receiving diagnostic examinations (MRT, KT, ECHO), we will offer you an appointment time.
  4. If you are interested in receiving a consultation with any particular specialist we will offer you a precise appointment time.
  5. Upon receipt of your written approval for our offered treatment plan we will prepare an agreement for your visit to Riga.
  6. If necessary, we will prepare and send to you and your accompanying person all necessary documents for getting medical visas and travel documents.
  7. We will then coordinate with you on how you plan to arrive in Riga and, if necessary, our clinic can provide you with help, for example, in choosing and booking your hotel, ensuring transfer services, translation of medical opinions and other matters related to your stay. If it is necessary to ensure the provision of services of Baltic Vein Clinic specialists outside normal working hours, on vacations or holidays, the prices are as follows:

    - 50% additional payment for a specialist consultation;
    - 30% for performed manipulation.

    On vacations and holidays:
    - 50% additional payment for a specialist consultation;
    - 30% for performed manipulation.

  8. Lastly, you will receive a total bill which you can settle after receiving your treatment services.
  9. If you wish to recover the sum paid for treatment services received in Riga in the country of your residence, as stipulated in EU Directive No. 2011/24/EC of 25.10.2013 “On Patient Rights To Receive Medical Services Abroad”, we will help you prepare the necessary documents correctly.

! Person filling and sending the request in the website and providing one's personal data agrees that Ltd Veselibas Centrs 4 (Health Center 4) and related medical institutions, doctors or doctor's practices process the submitted medical information of the Person, including but not limiting, personal data with the aim to create examination or manipulation plan that would be most suitable for the Person, or to provide treatment recommendations. Person is entitled to request that changes or additions should be made in one's personal data, as well as request termination or elimination of those data, if the personal data are incomplete, aged or not required for reaching the data processing aim.


Ltd. „Health Center 4” offers special prices for accommodation and flights for their customers.
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To save time and money we request that our patients present medical documentation with results of recent examinations, for example; x-ray pictures, MRT, KT. For patients who regularly use medicines, please present the ingredients thereof or a list of prescribed medicines to our specialist.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – the Foreign Patient Service is a part of the clinic, it is not a separate commercial structure or agency. The service was founded with the objective of ensuring high-quality services and to successfully create a contact between a foreign patient and the respective specialists in our clinics. We will always be glad to help and will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.




You have decided to visit Latvia, but don’t have an entry visa? We will help you get one by sending you all the necessary documents as well as an invitation, for you to take to the Consular Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in your country, for you to receive a visa as soon as possible.

We can meet you at the airport, railway station or bus station and take you to your hotel. We can offer you various options in order for you to feel safe and comfortable at the clinic.

In case of any questions, if we can be of any service or help, please call or send an e-mail and we will try to find the best solution.

Our staff members, who speak your native language, will be glad to provide fast, confidential and appropriate help.

Being a patient of our clinic, you are at the center of our attention and care.