Quality service and patient satisfaction is the standard CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA strives for. In order to continually improve client and patient satisfaction, we are always incorporating into our service the:

 - Latest Innovations and Medical Developments

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is always keeping up with the latest developments in medicine, technology and patient care.

 - Understanding Client Wishes and Needs

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA continually inquires about patient wishes and requirements with the goal of providing them with the most appropriate, effective and quality health care service.

 - Personnel

Our greatest asset is our employees who excel with their professionalism, competence and willingness to introduce into their practice the latest advancements in medical science. We are continually updating our staff regarding our patients’ requisites and wishes.

 - Security and Compliance

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA systematically reviews the effectiveness of its processes and staff as well as its medical technology and equipment and its compliance to accepted standards.

 - Access to Information and Its Security

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is continually improving information access for its clients, keeping in mind at all times data confidentiality and security.


CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA Quality Principles

  • Our main goal to do everything possible to improve and maintain a person’s health. We pay special attention to a client’s safe being, medical service quality which includes providing the necessary procedures without surprises to the client, as well as the quality of physician and client interaction. We make sure our personnel have access to the most modern medical technology and a flawless work environment.

  • We offer our clients the option of selecting which of our specialists to visit. This helps foster greater trust and communication between client and physician.

  • Our special organizational system ensures that clients will experience the shortest wait time for a physician. We will arrange appointments that fit a client’s schedule for examination, consultation and medical treatment times.

  • Understanding that surroundings play an important role in treating a patient, we have paid special attention to providing an environment that minimizes the stress of visiting a physician, as this is also important part of any treatment and emotional wellbeing.

  • Recognizing that every client has special needs and wishes, we devote time and attention to provide thorough answers to all questions related to their health.

  • Information regarding the health of our clients is confidential and we take every precaution to see that confidentiality is observed and secured.



CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA Quality Control System

  • CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is a large profile medical institution that provides ambulatory and partial in-patient health care services. Our main goal is to provide quality, modern and competitively priced services. We offer appropriate diagnosis and treatments to achieve effective results.

  • We have instituted a quality control system whereby we regularly analyze and review our processes in order to make improvements and satisfy client wishes.