Our Vision


For those whose greatest value is time!

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is a top level clinic in Riga offering a wide range of medical services, providing the latest medical examinations and treatments, established for those whose greatest value is time.

Time is important and valuable to everyone. To be able to experience what life provides – that is the motto of many people. To achieve professional goals, to have a full and meaningful family life, to be able to enjoy one’s free time, to fulfil one’s dreams. Health is especially important to those who wish to enjoy life to the fullest, without being hindered in achieving that objective.


CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA places great value on your time and your feelings about the quality of life, and is your best partner in maintaining and improving your health.


Because time is fleeting and cannot be preserved, CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA’S work is organized so that you do not have to wait in lines. Setting an appointment is streamlined, it can be done online, and doctor visits are precisely planned. We ensure that the time you spend at the clinic for medical examinations and treatment is as short as possible. To achieve this we employ not only detailed planning, but also the most modern medical technology.


An invaluable part of saving time is quality, because otherwise one can end up wasting time. Our promise is to provide the highest quality in the medical field, guaranteeing the highest standards in medical treatment, service and care.


Preventative healthcare is an important aspect of one’s time and quality of life to which our clinic devotes a great deal of attention. Keeping in mind that preventative healthcare is vital to maintaining one’s health and wellbeing, CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA offers the most complete medical examination program in Latvia.


We will work together with you to provide you with world class quality medical care, utilizing the highest quality medical technology, top notch medical professionals with top level skills.


There is no better friend than good health!