Laila Meija

Medical Doctor, certified Dietitian, Internist, associate professor of Sports and Nutrition department.


Consults on following health issues:

  • what is healthy food for women, men, children at different periods of life with various physical activity;
  • for pregnant woman and during breastfeeding period;
  • for clients with overweight and obesity;
  • for clients before and after bariatric surgery (resulting in weight loss);
  • for underweight clients;
  • for sportsmen;
  • for patients with therapeutic diseases (cardiovascular, endocrine system, kidney, digestive organ etc. diseases);
  • for oncology patients: after surgery, while undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy;
  • for patients after digestive tract surgery (dietitian consultation necessary after stomach and gut surgery) – choice of food, necessity of supplementary cure;
  • for neurologic patients (after a stroke etc.)
  • for patients with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia);
  • for patients with rheumatic diseases (rheumatic polyarthritis, gout etc.).


Additional examination methods:
















  • Cooperation with Sports Doctor appointing cardiopulmonary stress test, to perform individualized metabolic activity and to assign dietary and physical load recommendations.
  • Body build measurement by bioimpedance method: fixes fat mass, muscle mass, liquid volume.
  • Do not offer "marketing tricks", unproved methods, diets promising "unique effect" of one of the many "magic diets" for the period of life. In her work rely only on evidence-based methods of medicine.
  • Education: Rīga Stradiņš University, Medical Doctor scientific degree in 2014, – the first doctoral degree in the field of nutritional science of medicine after restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia. The subject of her PhD - influence of rye bread on prostate cancer progress. University of Latvia, Social sciences master's degree in public administration. Riga Stradins University, General Practitioner's degree. Regularly improves knowledge at different professional courses and conferences in Latvia and abroad.
  • Head of the Board of Latvian Association of Nutritional Specialists (LANS), member of the Board of Latvian Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (LAPEN).
  • Work experience: At present: Dietitian at VC4 group enterprise Capital Clinic Riga, – head of Dietitian service at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital. Previously worked at Red Cross Hospital, Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Writers' policlinics as General Practitioner, pharmaceutical companies Solvay pharma and Abbott Laboratories as product specialist.
  • Associate professor at Rīga Stradiņš University Sports and Nutrition department. –  University lecturer of academic interuniversity master's program "Nutrition". Lectures for doctors, nurses, pharmacists at RSU, conferences and trainings organized by professional associations and Latvian Medical Association.
  • Doctoral research: Consumed cereals ded matter, their biomarkers' and D vitamin relation to risk of male prostate cancer development. – ERDF research: Assessment of indigenous cropper species potential and obtaining varieties for production of specific dietetic food products. Author and head of clinical study idea. Now participates in two of scientific research: Influence of oats upon inflammatory bowel diseases; Innovative solutions in usage of pilcorn, barley and triticale to ensure human health.
  • Publications in scientific and professional medical editions in Latvia, as well as in notable, internationally quoted scientific editions.
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Guna Havensone

Nutrition specialist, body aesthetics specialist.


  • Member of Latvian Association of Nutritional Specialists (LANS)
  • Member of Latvian Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians
  • Member of TAPA (THE Aesthetic Practice AssociationTM)
  • Regularly takes part in professional study courses bot in Latvia and abroad
  • Has gained experience in Germany, Finland, Lithuania etc.
  • Attended ESPEN (the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism) continuing education study courses

Consults on dietology, monitors metabolism, calorimetry, creates a customized diet plan.

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Gita Erta

Endocrinologist, Family Doctor (General Practitioner), Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician. Practicing physician with experience since 2000.

  • In 2000 - She graduated from the Latvian Academy of Medicine, the Faculty of Medicine
  • In 2003 - She graduated from Family Medicine Residency and received a certificate in Family Medicine
  • In 2003 - She received certificate in Acupuncture
  • In 2007 - She graduated from the University of Latvia, Residency in Endocrinology and received a certificate in Endocrinology specialty
  • In 2010- She received a certificate in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Work experience: Since 2000 - Endocrinologist in a number of medical institutions, including P. Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Endocrinology Center and KRC Jaunkemeri. Since the opening of Capital Clinic Riga in January, 2014 - Endocrinologist in this clinic and Health Center 4 Diagnostics Center
  • Regularly participates in postgraduate training courses, symposia and conferences organized by Riga Stradins University, the University of Latvia, professional associations and societies. Lecturer in the University of Latvia, Masters program for Nutritional Sciences. Author and co-author of several local and international scientific and popular scientific publications. Since 2005 participates in international clinical trials.

Provides consultations and treatment for internal secretion gland disorders or hormone secretion regulation disorders and diseases resulting from internal secretion disorders: diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders and pituitary disorders, obesity, osteoporosis, gout, metabolic disorders and other endocrine disorders. Provides preventive examinations and health risk assessment, general endocrine diagnostics and health check- up. The Doctor emphasizes the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and weight loss, importance of diabetes prevention, newest medical technologies in diabetology (insulin pump, etc.).

The Doctor recommends: To be here and now and receive this very minute as the most important thing!

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