NEW! Aesthetic gynecology


Keeping track of the innovations in the world, Capital Clinic Riga continues to offer its clients the new opportunities to improve the quality of both health and life.

Since October 2017 Capital Clinic Riga offers treatment with the latest generation device from the manufacturer "Alfa Lasers" – FemiLift Smart fractionated CO2 laser to treat various feminine indications quickly and effectively.  Capital Clinic Riga offers Hyaluronic acid injections in the intimate area also.


NEW! Laser treatment using Alma Laser FemiLift Smart – a state-of-the-art device, that incorporates CO2 technology



FemiLift ensures minimally-invasive outpatient solution that incorporates CO2 technology to provide optimal care for various feminine concerns.

All of the "Alma Laser" devices and therapy methods are clinically tested and are with great success used in various fields of medicine – dermatology, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, surgery as well as gynecology.


Latest generation FemiLift Smart fractionated CO2 laser – leader in the Baltic States.

Top-quality treatment – FemiLift opens up new avenues for both therapeutic and aesthetic gynecology procedures, including:

  • stress urinary inconticence (SUI)
  • vaginal tightening
  • post-menopause – GSM
  • post-delivery rehabilitation
  • vaginal dryness and recurrent infections
  • to improve sexual quality

The procedure is fast, painless and completely safe, besides, it provides highly effective results. It’s  a versatile solution that enables medical practitioners to treat various feminine indications quickly and effectively.

The benefits of Alma FemiLift:
• Fast, homogeneous treatments
• Minimally invasive
• Outpatient treatment CO2 technology: Clinically proven
• Optimal for collagen remodeling
• Safe, easy and effective
• Immediate results
• Hygienic, single use probe

This innovative new robotic probe incorporates “smart technology” allowing practitioners to provide fast and homogeneous treatments. The upgraded platform and probe enable physicians to quickly adjust treatment settings based on the patient’s specific needs. Treatments are carried out in a 360/120 degree pattern providing optimal coverage and protocols are adjustable for a variety of indications. With the FemiLift Smart Probe, treatment is carried out according to the indication and the parameters of the treatment.

Procedures are conducted in an outpatient setting, and do not require anesthesia or downtime, ensuring that women can resume their routine – and regain their confidence – soon after. High efficiency and superior lasting result, free from side effects, yields a high level of patient satisfaction and quick recovery time, a safe, easy to administer and pain-free solution, generates minimal discomfort yet presents great outcomes.


The procedure is:

  • fast – it lasts only 7 minutes. Following a short visit, symptoms are reduced or completely eliminated, allowing women to return to their normal activities immediately
  • painless and without anaesthesia – patient feels no pain, only comfort level warmth, created by laser, therefore analgesics are not necessary
  • no side effects and recovery period – after the procedure there is no need for recovery period, no side effects are observed. The only restriction – no sexual activity for a week, reduced sports activities and do not lifty heavy objects
  • no age limit – with appropriate indications women of all ages may have laser treatment.
  • safe and simple – comfortable both for doctors and clients. "Slim" and "Standard" size probes ensure maximum patient comfort
  • effective and powerful – appreciable improvement after three uses already; highly effective, delivering superior results with a proven safety record.

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To achieve a desirable therapeutic and aesthetic effect 3 procedures at interval of 4-5 weeks. To perform laser treatment gynecologist consultation and particular examinations are required – tests, ultrasound; prescribed by the doctor, as appropriate.



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