Visa for treatment services in Latvia

At the clinics which provide services for foreign patients there is a team who will explain what documents or examinations are necessary for each particular treatment. To receive a Latvian visa you will receive a letter – an invitation, which you should take to the Consular Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in your country. If the treatment will require a longer period of time than has been initially planned there is an option to extend the visa while being in Latvia.

In addition to acquiring a visa and treatment suggestions, staff members at each respective clinic will help you to book a hotel, will meet you at Riga airport, railway station or bus station, and will help you with the translation of documents, as well as explain how to prepare for a procedure or operation.

It is advisable to buy travel insurance which is usually purchased by patients before leaving their country, because it will be required for receiving a visa for the Republic of Latvia.


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