Facility Philosophy

  • It is no secret that our environment fundamentally influences our well being and mood, and thusly, our health. Our environment can be worrisome or we can be in tune with it. That is why our clinic devotes a great deal of attention to the way we welcome and receive our clients.

  • Our priority is to provide a friendly environment not only for our physicians, who are among the best specialists in their fields, but also for clients who are there for medical assistance. We strive to ensure an environment that is conducive to providing the resolution of health issues.

  • In order to provide a healthy atmosphere at CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA we have incorporated clean, clear lines, harmonizing colours and warm lighting. We make every effort to make the client feel at home, where guests are always welcome, where special attention is paid to every last detail in order to make a guest feel comfortable.

  • CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is conveniently located on two floors – the 3rd and 4th stories. There is a waiting room with ample space for adults and children, physicians’ offices and examination rooms. Confidentiality is a top priority with separate rooms and individual care for each client.

  • A well organized, harmonious and pleasant environment is one of your treatment and well being guarantees.