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WELCOME TO CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA! CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is created for YOU! For you, whose greatest value is time, as well as your health and health of your loved ones. In our clinic we have combined all the features that The 21st century provides - unique technologies, excellent planning systems, comfortable and accessible rooms, as well as eternal values ​​- the wise minds and noble hearts of our doctors. YOUR health is our most important value. Welcome to CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA!


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Facts and Findings

According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people in the world have migraine. Women suffer from it three times more than men. Scientists have figured out that brain of a migraine patient looks different than brain of a healthy individual. There are differences in cortical shape and thickness, as well as in pattern and form of brain folds. It is possible that genes play a meaning role here.